Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Apparently, the world is going to end in another 3 years, in 2012. Everyone from the Mayans to the inventors of the Large Hadron Collider to Holly wood is predicting it. Infact Hollywood plans to warn us so successfully that we end up parting good money to watch the movie 2012, their 2 hour prediction on how we're going to die.

On a more random note,blogger.com does not support the spelling of 'movie'.

Coming back to 2012,all this seems like an anti-climax after the mass hysteria of the year 2000. People were predicting nuclear missiles timers would go off in a Terminator style tragedy, that the y2k bug would take over our computer systems thus enslaving us. Prophecies by an oddly named chap called Nostradamus were dusted out to prove that the world would indeed end. It didn't. The stock markets didn't get affected and life went on with 2001 being followed up in quick succession with 8 short years leading up to today. AND again we're back to predicting the end of the world.

Is life really that boring and tedious that people want it to end? or are they trying to use death as some sort of motivational tool? Beats me. This whole end of the world stuff is actually quite hilarious. From examples of people all around me, the only ones who live are the ones who don't care what happens and the ones who do care/worry are stuck like the hamster in the wheel. And by the time people realize this they're too old to do half the things they wanted to!

Very ironic business, life.

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